Take Me Away Cutlery Kit- Silver- The Somewhere Co

Take Me Away Cutlery Kit- Silver- The Somewhere Co

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Bring your own cutlery, because who knows who’s touched that communal set! Say goodbye to disposable plastic while you’re at it too with the Take Me Away Cutlery Kit. Meals and drinks on the go, picnics, lunches in the park - you’re covered with this portable 7 piece cutlery kit.

Featuring a knife, spoon, fork, chopsticks, medium straw (thick smoothie lovers - it's got you) and straw cleaner all housed in a matching black plastic container. This cutlery is made from high quality stainless steel - no blunt edges to be found! The container, which is made from recycled plastic and can be recycled at the end of its life, keeps your set together so you can easily throw it in your handbag. Dirty cutlery is contained and everything (including the container) can be thrown in the dishwasher for an easy clean.

Product information:

7 piece kit - black stainless steel knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks, medium straw, straw cleaner, recycled black plastic container
Container size - 9.45"x2.36"x1.18"
Dishwasher safe
Keep me out of the microwave and maybe don’t take me on your carry on when flying!