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Treva Bug Repellent Fan- Silver

Treva Bug Repellent Fan- Silver

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REMOVE BUGS FROM YOUR SPACE - With the Treva bug repellent fan, you can abandon smelly sprays, sticky flypaper and citronella candles for an eco-friendly chemical-free alternative. Quietly prevent flies & insects from interrupting your time

INSECTS AVOID THE REFLECTIVE PATTERN – The holographic pattern on the blades bend the light (refraction) while spinning, creating an unnatural environment that insects fly away from. They see this disruption in light as a danger, and as such, will keep away from you and your food & beverages.

GENTLE SOFT-STOP FAN BLADES - The fan blades are intentionally flexible. Designed to immediately stop when they contact an object. Enjoy peace of mind without worrying about little hands getting hurt.

BATTERY - 2AA (not included) Made of durable plastic

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