About Us

Sugartown Mercantile was started as a once-future dream shared by four sisters to fill a shopping experience never created. From a modest beginning, we as a store aspire to be for the collector, homemaker & giver. Located in Stuttgart, Arkansas, the rice and duck capital of the world, we have steady roots in this town and the communities surrounding. 

The mercantile is an everyday store. Our customers can find procured items ranging from the “true mercantile products” of yesteryears like the day-to-day pantry favorites for the elevated palate, hand selected vintage finds, home wares, and gift-able items procured for the trendsetter and tastemaker.

est. 2022

The Team

Mary Catherine Stephens - Seasonal Sales Associate
favorite things: taylor swift, the color turquoise, vinyl records, pool days & a good book
Amy Johnson - Part-Time Sales Associate

favorite things: craft cocktails, summer veggies, well loved copper cookware, moss covered live oaks & original artwork

Taylor Yelvington - Seasonal Sales Associate

favorite things: fresh flowers, maximalism, stained glass windows, dolly parton & funky vases

Brooke Yelvington Parker - General Manager

favorite things: rosemary sprigs, embroidery details, kacey musgraves, rattan furniture & colored glassware

Andrea Jacobs Knight - Owner

favorite things: old hardware & fixtures, moody oil portraits, yards full of bearded iris & the outdoors (without the dirt)

Michelle Jacobs - Owner 

favorite things: night gardening, lenny the cat, garden roses, milk glass & floral prints

The Sisters

left to right: Brooke, Michelle, Andrea & Taylor


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