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Double 40 Oatmeal Cookie Mix

Double 40 Oatmeal Cookie Mix

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From Souther Roots Sisters:

These scrumptious cookies were introduced to me by my Mamaw, Nettie Hamilton. My memories of her are static in my mind as she would stir up a batch in the warmth of her kitchen nestled among the pines and pecan trees of the Double 40 Ranch of Tyler, Texas. She developed the recipe, adding raisins, home raised pecans, and shortening, all with an eye toward creating the perfect, warm, nutty oatmeal cookie for her family. It has been her signature cookie ever since! A medium #40 size cookie scoop is recommended for all Southern Roots Sisters cookie mixes, and this mix makes about 30 cookies using this standard scoop.

** Does NOT contain nuts or raisins - these are optional add-ins which are highly recommended!


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