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Hazelnut Syrup- pH Alchemy

Hazelnut Syrup- pH Alchemy

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Not only is Hazelnut Syrup an obvious coffee partner, but also a favorite of our pastry chef friends. Our Hazelnut Syrup is rich and earthy with nothing artificial about the product or the taste.

Ingredients: cane sugar, water, hazelnut extract, lactic acid

Suggested Uses:

• Hazelnut Espresso Crepes:

4 crepes
2 cups of freshly whipped cream
2 oz pH Hazelnut Syrup
1 oz espresso grounds
Add hazelnut syrup and espresso grounds to whipped cream. Layer crepes with cream. Drizzle 1 oz pH Hazelnut Syrup on top of crepes and garnish with raw hazelnuts and shaved chocolate.
Makes 4, 2-oz crepes

• Hazelnut Coffee: 1oz pH Hazelnut Syrup, 1 cup of coffee, stir with a splash of cream.

• Add to homemade whipped cream or baked goods.

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