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Its OK to not do everything Flowery Cushion Kit

Its OK to not do everything Flowery Cushion Kit

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The kit comes with needle and thread ready for you to get going and stitch your own cushion. We use just one simple stitch that you'll pick up in no time and use to create an heirloom piece that you'll use all year round.

The fabric of the cushion is a lovely heavy weight cotton, printed with the floral pattern and the uplifting phrase. We include blue cotton thread for you to stitch with, and the instructions are printed clearly on the inside of the packaging.

The cushion measures 45cm x 45cm and is closed with a zipper fastening. The cushion inner is not provided in the kit.

Embroidery kit for confident beginners

This embroidery kit is one we recommend for confident beginners as it uses one simple stitch, the back stitch and a french knot which can be trickier, all in one colour embroidery thread.

What's in this embroidery kit?
Everything you need to complete this kit (apart from a pair of scissors) is included:

  • Printed cushion
  • Embroidery thread
  • Embroidery needle
  • Instructions


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