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Spaghetti- Zelli Pasta

Spaghetti- Zelli Pasta

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The name of this pasta is from the word “spago” or string. There is nothing more comforting than making a very simple tomato sauce with spaghetti. Take any of our wonderful tomatoes, and simply crush in a pan with a little salt. Add a dash of pasta water. Throw in your cooked spaghetti pasta with a little parmagiano. It's just heavenly.

About Zelli Pasta: Zelli pasta has a little different look, feel, and quality than most are used to. There are a few reasons for this: Our pasta is made using bronze extruder dies. They leave the pasta with a rougher surface area for sauce to cling to. Most large manufacturers use Teflon dies because they are more efficient and easier; however, the pasta ends up being shiny and slippery. Not a good combo for sauce.  We use high quality organic durum wheat flour.

Zelli Pasta is an Arkansas company based out of Springdale ! Their pasta is made by owners Angie & Mitchell in small batches. 

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