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Wake Up Little Suzie 24x36 Vinyl Rug

Wake Up Little Suzie 24x36 Vinyl Rug

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Wake Up Little Suzie 24x36

Spicher & Co Vinyl Rugs

From Spicher & Co.

"Vintage Vinyl is simple to clean. Dust mop the floor to ensure all loose dirt and/or grit is removed. Wipe down with a damp micro fiber cloth. For stubborn jobs, try diluted hand soap and rinse throughly after washing. Do not use dish soap, harsh chemicals or abrasives. Do not use scrub brushes, this will damage the floorcloth. 

"Our products are not intended to look new and in fact should more closely resemble a vintage product or found item. All floorcloths are intentionally distressed, meaning there will be some variation in colors. 

"Use in high traffic areas but know they are not indestructible. 

"For outdoor use, anchor your floorcloth to prevent wind damage. When it gets wet, periodically flip it over to dry to prevent mildew. Note, we do not recommend these floorcloths for poolside use."

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